Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Why Use A Professional Proofreading Service?

Most international and overseas students are proficient in understanding the subject that they are studying: however, expressing their ideas in clear written English can cause problems. English as a language is complex even for some natives and some spellings are rarely as they sound. Punctuation makes a profound difference, articles used incorrectly can alter the meaning of a sentence and tenses can be very confusing.
The grammatical nuances of the English language can be bewildering. We are experts in perfecting your individual work, regardless of the subject matter so by letting us take care of the grammar and spelling, all you have to worry about is the quality of the content.

If you want to gain extra marks and make your dissertation and essay flow coherently, then you need a native English proofreader to spot mistakes that could potentially lose you vital marks.
What we can offer is a professional, experienced service incorporating grammar, spelling and referencing that will makes your concepts and ideas clear and concise.
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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Greengrocer's apostrophe gets an outing

Oh my, the greengrocer's apostrophe was alive and well in a south-coast seaside town recently.

In this first example, we have a perfectly used apostrophe for Kelly's of Cornwall, but a naughty apostrophe has crept into chips (also with a superfluous dot above the H!).

In addition, I do hate dots over capital Is, as in chips and pies.

In this second example the greengrocer's apostrophe gets a real good outing.
Two portions of chips and a portion of chicken nuggets get the treatment. Interestingly, judging from the spaces, three portions of chips appear to have sacrificed their apostrophes!

Incidentally, the apostrophes had no bearing on the quality of food available.