Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Writing It Right

Righting a Write

Why is it that we get so uptight when we notice a spelling mistake? Sometimes they are unimportant and merely annoying, but at other times, they can have a very vital role to play. Take the spam emails from the banks. They look authentic, the content is correct, and they seem legitimate. So if they ask me to enter my account details,  there is nothing that alarms me. But wait ... look closely and check the spelling, in particular the hyperlink details as you hover over a link. Is Lloyds or Barclays or Santander spelt correctly? No? Then you're being scammed.

Correct Spelling

This is just one example of how correct spelling can help you from making a big and potentially costly mistake. The same applies to documents. One little error can affect the whole meaning of what you are trying to say. You can't rely on spell check on your computer as this only corrects the spelling without looking at the meaning behind it. Leave it to the experts and call to perfect your work!

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